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Below we’ve outlined the teams for the upcoming season 2017/18, you can also download the team selection spreadsheet – 2016-2017 Fixtures List.

ACDBL & Surrey Mixed Teams (* Team Captain)

Team Name Female Player Male Player  
Surrey Mixed 1 Janette Godfrey Jack Wills  
  Cath Pearson Stirling Burrows  
  Katie Knight Lee Searle  
 Surrey Mixed 2 Cas Searle Alex Hurst  
  Rachel Hurst Mark Prictoe  
  Natalie Coupland

Mattie T-St


 ACDBL Mixed A Klaudia Daryn Howes  
  Nat Coupland Mattie T-S  
  Cas Searle Alex Hurst  
 ACDBL Mixed B Suzanne Price Mark Davies  
  Jayne Kennedy Joe Hirth  
  Hannah Byford Stephen   
 ACDBL Mixed C Carol Ashcroft Jon Hallas  
  Susie Hubbart Stuart Kennedy  
  Rachel Taylor James Yeabsley  
 ACDBL Mixed A Klaudia Daryn Howes  
  Nat Coupland Mattie T-S  
  Cas Searle Alex Hurst  
Surrey Mens Stirling Burrow Daryn Howes*  
  Lee Ackerman Mark Prictoe  
  Jack Wills Lee Searle  
 ACDBL Mens A Mark Davies Lee Searle  
  Daryn Howes Jack Wills*  
  Brett Rafter Trevor Darlington  
ACDBL Mens B Jason Ayres Stuart Kennedy  
  Joe Hirth* Mattie TS

James Yeabsley


Jon Hallas  
ACDBL Mens 4 Jason Ayres Stuart Kennedy*  
  Joe Hirth Mattie TS
Bracknell Mens Joe Hirth Jon Hallas*  
  James Yeabsley Will Bolt  
  Mattie TS Dan Lewis (TBC)



Surrey Ladies Katie Knight Jayne Kennedy  
  Suzie H Nathalie Coupland*  
  Emma Douglas Carol Ashcroft  
 ACDBL Ladies A Janette Godfrey* Cath Pearson  
  Nathalie Coupland Alicia Currie  
  Katie Knight Klaudia  
ACDBL Ladies B Julie Gentry Laura Stokes*  
  Sally Bolt Suzanne Price  
  Rebecca Jones Rachel Taylor  
ACDBL Ladies C Diane Fawn Chloe Ackerman  
 ACDBL Ladies 4a Ellie Darlington Emma Douglas  
  Rachel Taylor Hannah Byford*  
ACDBL Ladies 4b Sally Bolt* Carol Ashcroft  
  Julie Gentry Laura Stokes  
Bracknell Ladies Carol Ashcroft* Cas Searle  
  Diane Fawn Rachel Taylor