If You Have Any Questions? Email Us At: shbclubsecretary@gmail.com

Streets Heath Breakaways is a competitive league badminton club who compete in the Aldershot and Camberley league, Bracknell and the Surrey league. We offer a variety of teams including Mixed 6, Mens 6 and Ladies 6, Mens 4, Ladies 4 and Mixed 4.

Our club prides itself on it’s friendly environment and family like atomosphere. We are happy to welcome new players and returning players.

SHB consists of around 40 players ranging from 16 – 60 years of age and many difference standards of play, all of which play together and enjoy each others company, although we play comeptitively we don’t take the competition off the court which makes our club nights and matches very enjoyable and relaxing.

With our connection to the ACDBL junior badminton league and many of our players being from the same family, we welcome juniors to come up and play at club nights… if you wish to visit us on our club, for more information or further guidance on moving into the adult leagues feel free to email our club secretary using our Enquiry Form.

carol janette Carol Ashcroft & Janette Godfrey
casCas Searle
Peter Peter Beech