If You Have Any Questions? Email Us At: shbclubsecretary@gmail.com

As you can see we have a large club allowing us to accommodate a wide range of standards. Each team plays other teams in the division, once at home and once away. Our team home matches are currently played at Lightwater Leisure Centre on Monday/Wednesday nights at 20:00 and Tuesday at 20:00 at Charters, Ascot.

Here is a list of our teams and the division they compete in:

 ACDBL Surrey Bracknell
Mixed A & B – DIV 1
Mixed C & D – DIV 2Mixed 4 – DIV 1

Mens A & B – DIV 1
Mens C – DIV 2

Mens 4a – DIV  1
Mens 4b – DIV 2

Ladies A – DIV 1
Ladies B – DIV 2

Ladies 4a – DIV 1
Ladies 4b – DIV 2

Mixed 1 – Div 1
Mixed 2 – DIV 2
Mixed 3 – DIV 3Mens 1 – DIV 3

Ladies 1 – DIV 3

 Mens – DIV 1

Ladies – DIV 1

SHB Badminton Club offers badminton to all levels of players up to county level, we are proud to be part of ACDBL, Bracknell & Surrey leagues and will continue to improve our diversity and capability to provide a standard of play to suit all players. SHB accept both males and females and pride ourselves on the equality of the club. The club also has one of the largest age ranges in the league ranging from 14 all the way to 60. With this range of standards, gender and age also for a huge variety of games and can help everyone develop different areas of their game.

We are also willing to accept new members so feel free to fill out our Enquiry Form if you are wishing to come down to club night and check us out. We play our club nights on Monday nights.