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Our Website Is Finally Here!

It’s taken about 5 years from the initial point that we decided that we needed to have a website to help current members find useful information about the teams, leagues and of course our very own club… and entice new members to join.

I (James) along with the committee have decided that this season is the season that we finally get our act together and build something worth bragging about.


So, what does this new trendy site include?

Team Selection – Here You can see who is in which team and captains can find the elected reserves for their respective teams.

Fixtures Calendar – No more pestering Carol, Jayne or Suzanne for the fixtures list or agreeing to play 2 matches on the same night…. Sally Bolt 🙂

Player Contact Details – Apart from Carol, very few of us know every single individual in the club across Surrey and local leagues so we’ve made it easy to view and download the contact details spreadsheet straight from the members area.

And Lastly…. Club News – This is a blog style page where anyone in the club can post updates about anything badminton or club related. You can also sign in and leave comments, similarly to how we use the Facebook group.

All the information in the members section is kept private and only club members can sign up for accounts so no need to worry about safety of information.

Around The Public Sections – We’ve update the homepage with images and updated information to encourage future members to contact us. If I get permission there will be a special surprise in a week or two. Along with the updated list of teams to demonstrate to others we have a diverse standard of play, age range and diversity of gender which seems to be an issue with some other clubs in the league, more information about the clubs history and also contact info and location details.

With the additional teams now confirmed, let’s get this season off to a flyer! Go SHB!

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By jamesyeabsley@gmail.com / Administrator on Sep 03, 2016

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